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The Roxbury Academic Support Program offers fee-based services that enable students to improve performance. These include:
· Reviewing students’ files and identifying strategies tailored to their learning differences
· Encouraging meta-cognition and reflection through self-evaluations
· Serving as liaisons among students, teachers, administrators, and parents
· Offering content-specific support or overseeing extra help attendance
· Monitoring performance in and out of the classroom, ensuring that strategies are implemented
· Issuing weekly reports to parents, dorm parents, advisors, and the Health Team
· Coordinating alternative testing settings
· Engaging in ongoing professional development
· Training students to use online tools and technologies, including: Livescribe, Dragonspeak, Kurzweil, and Inspiration
Roxbury teachers specialize in identifying students’ needs. Through one-on-one sessions, instructors isolate the issues that inhibit the student from achieving consistently positive results in the classroom. Students develop strategies for time management, organization, listening, note taking, reading comprehension, and test taking. The Roxbury Program helps students to invest in the quality of their work and approach academic deadlines in a pro-active, timely manner.

As students develop compensatory skills, they become engaged in learning. The goal of the Roxbury Program is to provide students with tools to become lifelong independent learners. Graduates of Roxbury thrive in the classroom and in their chosen colleges and universities because they have cultivated the focus, organization, and maturity essential to successful scholarship.

Academic Coaches
Using an individualized educational program based on testing and observation, Roxbury instructors identify the strengths and needs of their students. They serve as academic coaches, partnering with students to establish attainable short and long-term goals. Roxbury faculty members are trained professionals who act as liaisons between students and their teachers. In this role, the Roxbury instructor assists classroom teachers with appropriate, effective strategies to enhance each student’s performance. The academic coaches in the Roxbury Program work closely with parents, faculty, dorm parents, counselors, administrators, and the health team to ensure that all students’ needs are being met.
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Program Offerings
Roxbury I
Roxbury I provides individual (one on one) support, during a designated class period. In accordance with our rotating schedule, the student meets with his/her Roxbury Instructor each time that period meets. Classroom teachers generate weekly reports for Roxbury students that Roxbury Instructors use to help students create goals and develop study strategies.
Roxbury II
This is a modified version of the Roxbury I program. Students meet one-on-one with their Roxbury teacher two to three times per week. Parents are updated bi-weekly on their child’s progress in the program.
In addition, Roxbury instructors are available to assist students during the Extra Help block.

As a component of Roxbury, individual student goals are developed by the student with the Roxbury coach. To aid in the process of goal development, students are interviewed using the Survey of Teenage Readiness and Neurodevelopmental Status (STRANDS) developed by Stephen R. Hooper, Ph.D. and Melvin D. Levine, M.D. STRANDS allows us to help students develop an understanding of who they as learners.

STRANDS is designed as an interview tool that capitalizes on adolescents’ evolving metacognitive abilities by asking them about their own perceptions of how they are functioning across a variety of conceptual areas such as attention, memory, language, memory, sequencing organization, and higher order thinking. In addition, students complete a questionnaire on how they perceive their school life, school skills, social life, and their school and work preferences. The student and the Roxbury coach analyze the results to determine strengths to capitalize upon and areas that need further development through Roxbury. From this information goals are developed that are grounded in data that includes the student’s perceptions.

Various forms of technology are used to assist students with learning. These include the following:

Inspiration Software©: a tool that helps students visually organize content for writing and studying. This interactive program allows users to collect and arrange information. The software, used in conjunction with the Roxbury curriculum, empowers students to improve comprehension, writing, and critical thinking skills. 
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Dragon Naturally Speaking: an assistive technology software, used in Roxbury to aid students with the writing process. This software is a speech-to-text program, which for some students, is faster and more accurate than typing. In addition, students can access email and surf the web all by voice. If students find the software helpful, it is recommended that parents purchase a copy for the student’s personal computer.
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Kurzweil 3000™: This text-to-speech system allows students to gain independence as they master writing, reading, and test-taking skills. It is available as part of the Roxbury Program to assist students who struggle with literacy and language proficiency.
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Smartpens are actual pens, that can record everything you write and hear. You can replay your lectures or meetings simply by tapping on your notes.

Roxbury has available the Echo smartpen and paper for classroom use. This ingenious tool allows students to take notes and record instructions so that they may listen to their teacher’s presentation at a later time, annotating and expanding on their note taking experience. The tool also allows the student to upload the recorded notes from the Echo pen on to their computers.
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Roxbury Academic Support Office
*Posted with permission of Bernard Grindel, Assistant Director, Learning Center, Quinnipiac University.
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