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A note from the Director of Roxbury Leslie Barry - Welcome to the Roxbury section of the CA website.  Here you will find more information about the program, the instructors and the resources we use.  I am happy to answer any questions or explain the program in greater detail, so feel free to contact me via email or call me at 203-439-7479.

Welcome to Roxbury
The Roxbury Academic Support Program offers fee-based services that enable students to improve performance. These include:
· Reviewing students’ files and identifying strategies tailored to their learning differences
· Encouraging meta-cognition and reflection through self-evaluations
· Serving as liaisons among students, teachers, administrators, and parents
· Offering content-specific support or overseeing extra help attendance
· Monitoring performance in and out of the classroom, ensuring that strategies are implemented
· Issuing weekly reports to parents, dorm parents, advisors, and the Health Team
· Coordinating alternative testing settings
· Engaging in ongoing professional development
· Training students to use online tools and technologies, including: Livescribe, Dragonspeak, Kurzweil, and Inspiration
Academic Coaches
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Program Offerings
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Roxbury Academic Support Office
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