For the better part of September, Fine & Performing Arts Department Chair Fran Poisson will have a series of his sculptures put on display in a show entitled “3X4” at Pascal Hall in Rockport, Maine.

In collaboration with two other artists, Poisson’s work was viewable starting Friday, September 2. The gallery will be open for four weekends in September: Friday evenings from 5:00-8:00pm, Saturdays from 11:00am-4:00pm, Sundays from noon-4:00pm, or by appointment during the week.

The other two artists are Monica Kelly and Patty Bolz. According to a recent press release, Kelly is painter whose “oil on panel paintings were created over the past three years after Kelly had decided to retreat from the gallery world. The new work represents a personal journey through a period of solitude and inner exploration of relationships, love, and pain,” and Bolz will “exhibit her one-of-a-kind pieces along with her traditional body of functional gemstone settings in gold and platinum. Bolz’s work is influenced by the ancient designs of Egypt and the Byzantine cultures.”

Poisson’s collection highlights different types of cars, which he has been working on for the last 20 years. With 17 pieces in total, the series is made out of wood with cast iron wheels and uses a technique called trompe l’oeil, which means fool the eye, and actually entails painting the wood to look like wood grains and textures. The majority of the cars are in Poisson’s Bunny Car series, which is inspired by Richard Scarry’s children’s books and characters like Lowly Worm and the Apple Car. There is also a Refugee Car, which is derived from a trip Poisson took to Serbia before the war broke out in the 90s. “My car series are often times inspired by what I see and the political trends of the time,” said Poisson. “Most recently, I finished a 1960s Italian supercar that includes a cast iron baby head. I’m a bit of a car buff.”

Sculpting cars isn’t Poisson’s only creative endeavor; he’s also working on a new line of furniture he calls “Camper Specials,” due to the special emblem with the same name he puts on all the pieces. Weighing hundreds of pounds, these Camper Specials are made out of just about anything Poisson can get his hands on, including a side table made out of cast iron and an old bowling alley lane. “I’m also working on a 300-pound night light,” Poisson commented.

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