220+ Years of History

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  • The History of Cheshire Academy

    Cheshire Academy has been at the forefront of education since its founding in 1794. Throughout its storied history, the Academy has undergone changes that have strengthened its core and allowed it to perservere. While we can't share the full history of the academy on this site - more than 220 years of existence warrant much more detail than can be expressed here - we can share some highlights of this prestigious institute's existence.
  • 20th and 21st Century History - Cheshire Academy Flourishes

    In the early 1900s, alumnus Joseph Harriman modernized the campus, abolished the military aspect of the school and re-named it The Cheshire School. In 1917, the school was purchased by the Roxbury Training Center for the purpose of preparing students to enter Yale University.
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  • 19th Century History - Cheshire Academy Evolves

    The school taught classical studies and entered a period of stability. An interesting fact is that even though the school was officially The Episcopal Academy, by the early 1800s, parents and boys addressed letters to The Cheshire Academy. This was seen in letters of graduate Samuel Welles to his son Gideon Welles (letter 1, letter 2), who would later become Secretary of the Navy under Lincoln.
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  • 18th Century History - Cheshire Academy is Founded

    From 1770 – 1780, the Episcopal religion was floundering in the colonies. Believing that the religion would be better received if there were an American bishop, a delegation sent Samuel Seabury to England. When he returned as the first Episcopal Bishop of America, one of his first duties was to start a school to educate future clergy. Cheshire was chosen as the site and in 1794 the Episcopal Academy of Connecticut opened its doors.
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  • A History of Leadership

    Mr. John D. Nozell - 2014 
    Dr. Gerald A. Larson (second term) - 2012
    Mr. Doug Rogers - 2009
    Dr. Sandra Wirth - 2008
    Dr. Sandra Wirth & Mr. Jay Goulart - 2007
    Ralph D. Van Inwagen - 2004
    Dr. Gerald A. Larson - 1999
    Mr. John R. Hyslop - 1986
    Dr. Ernest J. Beaulac, Jr. - 1975
    Mr. James Edgerton Crosby, Jr. - 1972
    Mr. John Vance - 1970
    Dr. Arthur M. Griffin - 1966
    Mr. Arthur N. Sheriff - 1923
    Mr. Albert Curdy - 1917
    The Rev. John Davis Skilton - 1907
    The Rev. Eri Davidson Woodbury (second term) - 1907
    Mr. Roland Jessup Mulford - 1903
    The Rev. Eri Davidson Woodbury - 1896
    The Rev. James Stoddard - 1892
    The Rev. Sanford Jackson Horton -1862
    The Rev. John Henry Babcock - 1857
    The Rev. Edward Ballard - 1851
    The Rev. Hilliard Bryant - 1851
    The Rev. Seth Birdsley Paddock - 1844
    The Rev. Eben Edwards Beardsley - 1838
    The Rev. Allen Clay Morgan - 1836
    The Rev. Bethel Judd - 1832
    The Rev. Christian Frederick Cruse - 1831
    The Rev. William R. Whittingham - 1828
    The Rev. Henry Mason - 1828
    The Rev. John A. Curtiss - 1826
    The Rev. Tillotson Bronson - 1806
    The Rev. William Smith - 1802
    The Rev. John Bowden - 1796


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  • Chair and Officers

    Rich Cerrone '67 - Chair
    Howard Greenstone P'12 - Vice Chair
    Mike Mauro P'11 - Treasurer
    Richard A. Katz, Esq. '64 - Secretary
  • Trustees

    Catherine Bonneau P'16
    Ted Dziuba '02
    Simon Fenner
    Suzanne Fields P'11
    Lori Gailey P'14 P'17
    David G. Jepson '59
    Greg Keith P'11
    Drew Kevorkian '93
    Andy Moss P'14 P'15
    Brian Otis '89
    Katie Purdy P'19 P'21 P'21
    Donald Rosenberg '67
    Armando Simosa P'08
    Mark F. Testa, Ph.D. '68
  • Overseers

    Michael A. Belfonti ’76
    Dan Gabel, Jr. ’56
    Frank Motter ’61, P'97
    Brett Stuart '68 P'09 P'09 P'10

Cheshire Academy Today (2016-2017)

Founded in 1794
Grades 9-12 & PG
Boarding & Day
437 Students
22 states and 34 countries
49 Faculty with Advanced Degrees
6:1 Student/Teacher Ratio
11 Average Class Size
1669 Average SAT Score*
24 International Baccalaureate Program Courses
6 Advanced Placement Courses

*Based on 2015-2016 data


Cheshire Academy
10 Main Street
Cheshire, Connecticut 06410

MAIN PHONE: 203-272-5396
MAIN FAX: 203-250-7209
ADMISSIONS FAX: 203-439-7601
ATHLETICS OFFICE: 203-439-7242 

About Cheshire Academy

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  • The student-centered private school in CT

    Cheshire Academy is a boarding school in Connecticut that challenges students in grades 9-12 and Post Grad to discover and hone their unique talents. This college preparatory school offers personalized learning opportunities like the Roxbury Academic Support Program and the IB Program. Artists can benefit from the Art Major program, while high school athletes can benefit from competitive athletics. Overall, students at the private school are encouraged to become culturally sensitive and internationally minded, and develop the critical thinking skills, confidence, and character that enable them to succeed in college and as citizens of a global society. 
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