ESL/ELL and TOEFL Support

Courses in English as a Second Language (ESL), also called English for Language Learners (ELL), provide students with a sequence of classes which teach English grammar, vocabulary, and writing. The ESL/ELL curriculum includes intensive workshops for non-native speakers of English beginning in the freshman year.

Selected Course Offerings

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  • ELL: Writing and Composition II

    Cheshire Academy’s Program of Study in Writing and Composition is a three year program designed for the Academy’s English Language Learners. Based on research into best practices of writing instruction to non-native speakers of English, and catered to the specific needs of the Academy’s international population, this sequence of courses engages students in intensive workshop environments, provides the basics of English grammar, mechanics, vocabulary and syntax, and focuses on writing as a process involving multiple steps and multiple drafts. Freshman-Junior course.
  • English I (IS)

    English I for International Students is designed to bridge the gap between a student who has studied the English language and literature to a student who uses English fluently in the process of critically examining literature at the ninth grade level. Students acquire new vocabulary, discuss key points of literature in class, write essays and creative pieces, and create interactive projects to promote a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Students examine the theme of “survival” throughout the year. They begin with selected short stories, move on to a short novel, explore poetry forms in a novel format, and finish the year with two more novels. The genre varies from non-fiction to sci-fi/fantasy, but ‘survival’ features prominently in all of the works. Students take weekly quizzes on vocabulary and the text, and students perform on tests associated with each unit. Students create and perform their own poetry, and they learn the basic format of the essay. After students finish the short stories, they write one of their own. As students read “My Side of the Mountain,” they choose a skill which they will study, research, perform, and report. Freshman course.


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  • The Student-Centered Private School in Connecticut.

    We put the unique needs of every student first. That’s why we offer a flexible program that allows students to mix academic course tracks with athletics and/or fine arts programs, according to their needs and interests. Students can stretch their intellectual boundaries by taking one of 20 advanced International Baccalaureate® Diploma Programme courses, or practice new skills by participating in a range of afternoon programs including; athletics, fine arts, and performing arts. We are also the only Connecticut private school to offer one-on-one student coaching through our Roxbury Academic Support Program.
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