Mission & Pillars of Bowden



“Cheshire Academy is an internationally minded college-preparatory school that challenges its students to maximize their potential by developing the confidence, character, and critical thinking skills that enable them to thrive as global citizens.”

Pillars of Bowden

Character development has long been a priority at Cheshire Academy. The Eight Pillars of Bowden are the ways in which we demonstrate our core values and basic beliefs, and are represented by the eight pillars that support Bowden Hall. Bowden Hall was originally built in 1796 and is one of the oldest school houses still in use.


Cultivate “the ability to respond,” which is the action side of respect. If we respect people, we value them. If we value them, we respond to the needs of others and feel a measure of responsibility for their welfare.


Be courteous, polite, tolerant, appreciative, and accepting of individual differences. Don’t abuse, demean, or mistreat anyone, including yourself. Don’t manipulate or take advantage of others. Respect the right of individuals to make decisions about their own lives.


Show you care about others through consideration, compassion, kindness, and sharing. Live by the Golden Rule. Help others. Be sensitive to others’ feelings. Be charitable and giving of yourself.


Behave courteously in everything you do. Express an appreciation for community values through appropriate behavior. Acknowledge the worth of others by acting respectfully and responsibly toward them.


Play by the rules. Obey laws. Do your share. Respect authority. Stay informed. Participate in your community. Protect those around you. Volunteer your service. Protect the environment by conserving natural resources.


Be aware of the fundamental values of good and bad. Acknowledge your conscience, self-control, empathy, and sense of humility. Make decisions based on positive values, not desires.


Treat all people fairly. Be open-minded. Listen to others and try to understand what they are saying and feeling. Make decisions that benefit everyone equally. Think win-win. Take only your fair share.


Tell the truth. Be sincere. Don’t deceive or mislead. Don’t betray a trust. In relationships of trust, share important information. Walk your talk by being your best self and by showing commitment, courage, and self-discipline.

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