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  • Digital Imaging

    This course covers the basic elements of visual language and design and introduces students to the possibilities of the emerging medium, digital art. This course emphasizes the elements and principles of art through a variety of modes and media. Students conceive of and create digital works of art, develop critical thinking skills, and conduct research on topics related to technology in the arts. Students engage in art criticism, art making, and self-expression. Through lecture, research, reading materials, and assigned projects students discover the multifaceted nature of digital art making. Students achieve proficient technical and aesthetic skills using Adobe Creative Suites software and generate a broad range of two dimensional images. Student work will demonstrate an understanding of both the technical and artistic implications of the medium utilized. Freshman-PG elective
  • IB Theater SL1/SL2, HL1

    The Diploma Programme theatre course is designed to encourage students to examine theatre in its diversity of forms around the world. This may be achieved through a critical study of the theory, history and culture of theatre, and will find expression through workshopping, devised work or scripted performance. Students will come to understand that the act of imagining, creating, presenting and critically reflecting on theatre in its past and present contexts embodies the individual and social need to investigate and find explanations for the world around us.

    The theatre core syllabus consists of three interrelated areas. Students are required to explore these three areas from the perspective of dramaturge, director, performer, group ensemble, production team and spectator.

    Theatre in the making: The focus of theatre in the making is on the process of theatre making rather than the presentation of theatre. It encompasses the acquisition and development of all skills required to create, present and observe theatre. It is exploratory in nature.

    Theatre in performance: The focus of theatre  in performance is on the application of skills developed in theatre in the making. This involves students in various aspects of presenting theatre, where their practical skills can be applied in different roles (as performers and as part of the production team), while also building upon the knowledge they have acquired in other areas.

    Theatre in the world: The focus of theatre in the world is on a practical and theoretical exploration of a range of theatre traditions and cultural practices around the world. It allows students to explore the origins and traditions of a variety of theatre conventions and practices from diverse cultural and historical contexts (excerpts from subject guide, Junior and Senior two-year course
  • Photography II

    Advanced Digital Photography is designed for students who are seriously interested in the practical experience of art photography. Students are introduced to new photographers, digital artists, and more sophisticated techniques in order to create work that reveals that student’s spirit and vision. By exploring photographic and digital media, students are able to develop a body of work that reflects a range of ideation and develop versatility with techniques to demonstrate their abilities. Independent research, art journals, class critiques, individual critiques, and artistic dialogues will inspire students as they create a final photographic portfolio. There are project requirements, but projects are open- ended enough for students to develop their own styles and modes of expression. Work is expected to be of high quality in thought, process, and product. Freshman-PG elective
  • Printmaking

    In printmaking students will be exposed to a variety of printing processes such as mono-print; lithography; transfer; woodcut; linoleum and dry point. With these methods the students will learn how to mix various elements to achieve the correct viscosity of ink; they will learn how to apply just the right amount of ink to whatever surface they are working on and master the ability of wiping a plate so as to achieve a good print without under or over wiping. The students will be expected to use the basic elements of art and principals of design to create two dimensional works. This will take place in a structured yet spontaneous environment that encourages involvement and commitment to originality and self-expression. I will be introducing the students to the work of past and present artists who have used the various printing methods to great effect as a way to inspire the students own creative imagination.

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  • The student-centered private school in CT

    Cheshire Academy is a boarding school in Connecticut that challenges students in grades 9-12 and Post Grad to discover and hone their unique talents. This college preparatory school offers personalized learning opportunities like the Roxbury Academic Support Program and the IB Program. Artists can benefit from the Art Major program, while high school athletes can benefit from competitive athletics. Overall, students at the private school are encouraged to become culturally sensitive and internationally minded, and develop the critical thinking skills, confidence, and character that enable them to succeed in college and as citizens of a global society. 
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