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  • Discrete Math

    As a senior/PG course, Discrete Math first provides an integrated review of the concepts in algebra, statistics, and probability that are traditionally covered in the first three or four years of a secondary math curriculum. The majority of the course then turns to more advanced probability, statistics, algebraic functions, and the financial applications of all three content areas. Each unit is designed to promote the ability to think and reason mathematically, collaborate creatively, and confidently apply mathematics to solve realistic industry-driven challenges. Problem solving and critical thinking are emphasized in each topic. Students are accountable for quizzes and tests on the mathematical skills and content as well as project-based major assessments on the overarching concepts that may be individual or team-based. A capstone financial planning project is the culminating unit. Senior/PG course.
  • IB Math HL 1

    IB Math HL 1 is a rigorous, fast-paced course that begins with a comprehensive review of traditional PreCalculus topics, including exponential, logarithmic, and rational functions, sequences and series, and analytical trigonometry through an integrated problem-solving lens. The course then moves on to the study of complex numbers and a comprehensive treatment of limits, derivatives, integrals and applications of differential calculus. The year concludes with the study of vectors. The primary objective is to prepare students to do well on the end-of-course exam after two years. A graphing calculator is used extensively as students learn to work with functions presented numerically, algebraically and graphically and see the connections among these representations. Students are expected to contribute to class discussions and group work, complete homework daily, and are assessed regularly through cumulative quizzes and tests. The TI-Nspire Non-CAS graphing calculator app or handheld is required. Junior course.
  • Integrated Math II (Accelerated)

    This course is the second year of a three-year integrated math sequence covering the topics traditionally covered in Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and PreCalculus. The goal of this course is to extend and apply the topics studied previously and to introduce higher-level topics that will prepare students for future courses. This course is appropriate for students who have completed pre-algebra and Algebra I (Integrated Math I). Throughout the course there is a focus on developing problem-solving skills, evaluating the potential uses of technology in mathematics, and communicating methods and solutions. As a capstone project, students write and present a solution to an open-ended problem that may incorporate content and technology skills from throughout the course.

    Topics in the Standard Level from the traditional Algebra II curriculum include linear equations, inequalities and systems, graphing and analyzing functions, exponents and radicals, and quadratic and polynomial functions. Concepts from geometry include parallel lines and transversals, polygon angles, triangle congruence and basic proofs, and properties of quadrilaterals. Additional topics in the Accelerated Level include exponential and logarithmic functions, right triangle and unit circle trigonometry, non-right triangle trigonometry and 3D geometry. The TI-Nspire graphing calculator app or handheld is required. Freshman-Senior course.
  • Integrated Statistics

    This is a full-year course designed for students with varied backgrounds and abilities in mathematics. This course is appropriate for students who have completed Algebra II (Integrated Math II) or further coursework and are looking for a course that does not heavily rely on prior algebraic concepts. Topics covered include number properties, number sets, Venn diagrams, introductory probability, conditional probability, logic and truth tables to evaluate the validity of arguments. Also covered are methods for displaying one-variable data and analyzing the center and spread of single variable data sets. Visual representations and qualitative/quantitative analysis of two-variable data sets are also covered. Students are expected to analyze problems using the appropriate notation, terminology, techniques, and graphical representations. Students should also expect to use graphing calculators on a daily basis. Students are expected to complete daily homework or classwork assignments and are assessed through periodic quizzes and tests at the end of each unit. At least one major statistical investigation will be completed as a project-based assessment of the content in the course. The TI-Nspire graphing calculator app or handheld is required. Junior-PG course.
  • Java and Program Design

    This full-year course teaches computing system fundamentals, program construction using Java,systems life cycles and software development. Students will understand the use of computers in a variety of disciplines, learn methods to analyze problems and plan computer solutions,appreciate the technical and social consequences of developments in technology and acquire skills which can be transferred to future problems.The development of solutions lies at the heart of the subject. A laptop is required. Although not required, it is recommended that freshmen and sophomores take the Coding semester class first if they intend to enroll in this course in the future. Junior-PG course.

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