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  • Discrete Math

    Discrete Math will provide students with an introduction to discrete concepts such as logic, number systems, counting methods, probability theory, introductory statistics and financial math. The abilities to think mathematically and reason quantitatively are major goals of this full year course. Problem solving and critical thinking are emphasized in each topic. The course plan also includes SAT practice during the first semester and a unit of Algebra II and Geometry review. The TI Nspire CAS graphing calculator iPad app or handheld is required. Junior-PG course
  • IB Math HL 1

    The IB Math HL 1 course is co-seated with AP Calculus AB which is a fast-paced, college-level course in single variable calculus. The primary objective is to prepare students to do well on the May exam and in their future math courses. Calculus is explored through the interpretation of graphs and tables as well as analytic methods. The primary topics are limits, derivatives and integrals. The TI Nspire graphing calculator (or app) is used extensively as students learn to work with functions presented numerically, algebraically and graphically and see the connections among these representations. Student are expected to contribute to class discussions and group work and to complete homework daily. Take home quizzes based on prior years’ AP test questions will be assigned periodically. Chapter tests are generally given weekly. Students take the AP Calculus AB exam in May. The TI Nspire CAS graphing calculator iPad app or handheld is required. Junior course
  • Integrated Geometry/Algebra II

    Integrated Algebra II will extend and apply many of the algebraic topics studied previously and will introduce higher-level topics in geometry and algebra that will prepare students for future courses in mathematics. The approach of the course is intended to relate familiar and new topics of study to real world examples and practice the mechanics of math through individual and small group problem solving. Topics include Euclidian geometry, quadratic, exponential and logarithmic functions and beginning trigonometry. Coordinate and transformational geometry topics emphasize algebraic problem solving. The TI Nspire CAS graphing calculator iPad app or handheld is required. Sophomore/Junior course
  • Java and Program Design

    This full-year course teaches computing system fundamentals, program construction using Java,systems life cycles and software development. Students will understand the use of computers in a variety of disciplines, learn methods to analyze problems and plan computer solutions,appreciate the technical and social consequences of developments in technology and acquire skills which can be transferred to future problems.The development of solutions lies at the heart of the subject. A laptop is required. Although not required, it is recommended that freshmen and sophomores take the Coding semester class first if they intend to enroll in this course in the future. Junior-PG course.
  • Statistics

    This active participation course introduces students to descriptive and inferential statistics and probability theory. Students will learn how statistical studies and applications are used in many different fields. Topics include descriptive statistics and exploratory data analysis, design of surveys and experiments, sampling distributions and estimation, inference and decision making and fitting models to data. Students learn to think carefully about the background of data, the design of the studies that produce the data, the possible effect of outlying observations on conclusions from data, the question of causation and the reasoning that lies behind the standard methods of inference. They will be exposed to applications from business, medicine, natural and social sciences, policy making and sports. Students will become proficient in the statistical functions available on their graphing calculators and in fathom statistical software. Students are expected to contribute to group work and to complete homework daily. Quizzes are generally given weekly and tests at the end of each chapter. A final exam is given at the end of the second semester. The TI Nspire CAS graphing calculator APP or handheld is required. Junior-PG course

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  • The Student-Centered Private School in Connecticut.

    Cheshire Academy is a boarding school in Connecticut that challenges students in grades 9-12 and Post Grad to discover and hone their unique talents. This college preparatory school offers personalized learning opportunities like the Roxbury Academic Support Program and the IB Program. Artists can benefit from the Art Major program, while high school athletes can benefit from competitive athletics. Overall, students at the private school are encouraged to become culturally sensitive and internationally minded, and develop the critical thinking skills, confidence, and character that enable them to succeed in college and as citizens of a global society. 
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