Cheshire Academy is committed to ensuring that a quality private school education is affordable for qualified students and their families. We work to provide financial aid to as many families as we can.
To be eligible for consideration in the first round of financial aid awards, you must complete your application by February 10, 2017. If this deadline is met, new families are likely to be notified as to whether or not they will receive financial aid for 2017-2018 at the time of acceptance. After February 10, the Admission Committee will meet and awards will be made until all financial aid resources have been expended. Returning students currently receiving financial aid have priority in this process.
Cheshire Academy works with a company called School and Student Services (SSS) for Financial Aid. SSS uses a formula to compute a family’s estimated contribution to an independent school education. The Office of Financial Aid at Cheshire Academy considers the SSS recommendation and then conducts a more in-depth evaluation that includes a review of both 2015 and 2016 tax returns. While we ask families to estimate the 2017 tax information in the financial aid application process, awards are not final until the 2016 federal tax return is submitted to SSS.

Financial Aid FAQ

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  • Q. How do I apply for Financial Aid?

    Cheshire Academy requires all families to complete and submit the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) form through School and Student Services (SSS). Click here to begin the application: In addition to the PFS, all families must submit to SSS a filed IRS Form 1040 tax return for the current year as well as all W-2s for the two most recent tax years.
  • Q. Who qualifies for financial aid?

    Cheshire Academy considers a family’s income, assets and number of siblings enrolled in tuition-charging schools in order to qualify a family for financial aid. In situations where one parent of a two-parent household chooses not to work full time and there are no preschool-aged children in the home, Cheshire Academy will add $25,000 to the family’s income when determining the family’s financial need.
  • Q. What is “demonstrated need?”

    Cheshire Academy subscribes to the guiding principles that the primary responsibility for the cost of a child’s education resides with the family and that financial aid must be based on demonstrated need, not on willingness or unwillingness to pay. The Financial Aid committee utilizes all data provided through the PFS and tax documents submitted and verified by SSS to determine a family’s “demonstrated need” – demonstrated need is the difference between the cost of education at Cheshire Academy and a family’s expected contribution to that education.
  • Q. How does a divorce or separation affect the financial aid review process?

    For parents who are divorced, separated, or have never been married, we require each parent to complete a separate financial aid application. We expect all parents, guardians, domestic partners, and/or step-parents to play an appropriate role in financing and supporting their student’s education.
  • Q. Is financial aid available to international students?

    Yes. International applicants should complete, when possible, the same PFS that a domestic applicant completes. All income reported must be converted to US Dollars. In addition, international applicants should complete the International Student Financial Profile and provide the required income verification. The completed International Student Financial Profile form and required income verification documentation should be emailed as an attachment to Please know that financial aid for international students is very limited.
  • Q. If we receive financial aid this year, can we count on it for each year of enrollment?

    We are committed to funding students for the duration of their enrollment. However, families must reapply for financial aid each year.
  • Q. When can a family expect to know the outcome of their financial aid application?

    Due to the nature of financial aid and dependence upon tax documentation to complete a family’s application, the financial aid committee must make a majority of their decisions after March 1. All applications for financial aid will be considered if funds are available, and notification will be sent on March 10.
  • Q. What if the financial aid award is not enough?

    Financial aid awards are often supplemented by payment plans, and, on a limited basis a family may provide additional compelling information to appeal to the financial aid committee for a revised award. For additional information, please contact Sarah Thompson.
  • Q. Can I take out a loan to pay for the costs associated with attendance?

    If you are looking for a loan to help cover the costs associated with attendance, Cheshire Academy does work with SallieMae, and Your Tuition Solution,

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  • The Steps in the Process

    1. New applicants must complete the entire admission process including application and interview.
    2. All families (new and returning) must complete the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) online at Please indicate on the PFS that you wish Cheshire Academy to receive the results of the PFS and note that our school code is 2362.
    3. In addition to the copy of the PFS, all families (new and returning) must send a copy of the 2016 1040 tax return and 2016 W-2 forms directly to SSS.
    4. In cases of divorced or separated parents, the non-custodial parent(s) must also submit their tax returns.
  • Important Dates

    • February 1 - Deadline for sending the PFS on the SSS website.
    • February 10  - Deadline for submitting 1040 tax forms and W-2 forms to SSS.
    • March 10 - Notification of admission decisions and financial aid awards to new applicants and notification of financial aid awards to returning students new to aid.*
    *After March 10 - Financial aid is awarded on a first come, first served basis to qualified applicants who have completed their financial aid applications until financial aid has all been allocated.
    *Please note that financial aid awards are not final until both the 1040 tax forms and W-2 forms have been received.
  • Questions?

    Please call our admission office at 203-439-7250 or email us with any questions regarding financial assistance at Cheshire Academy.


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