Afternoon Program FAQ

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  • Q. What programs are offered at Cheshire Academy?

    We offer 21 interscholastic programs at the Varsity level, with many of those having sub-varsity level teams. In addition, we have 10 non-competitive, non-interscholastic programs offered throughout the year.
  • Q. What are the afternoon and athletic participation requirements for students?

    Students are required to participate in all three seasons of the afternoon program, with two of those seasons fulfilling the “competitive” requirement.
  • Q. Who do you compete against?

    Cheshire Academy is a member of the New England Prep School Athletic Conference and based on enrollment competes at the Class B level for Boys and the Class C level for the Girls. We compete against boarding and day schools within our greater region, as well as throughout the Western portion of New England.
  • Q. What athletic facilities are there at CA?

    Cheshire Academy features a multi-purpose turf field, a six-lane track, three multipurpose grass playing fields, baseball and softball fields, a two-court basketball & volleyball gymnasium, a 50M six-lane pool, a challenge course, and a comprehensive weight room and athletic training facility.
  • Q. Who can I contact with further questions?

    Questions related to Athletics and the Afternoon Program can be directed to The Athletics Office. Questions regarding a particular sport may be directed to the coach of the sport/activity.
  • Q. Does Cheshire Academy offer Athletic Training support?

    We are staffed full-time with two Certified Athletic Trainers who cover our home games and work with athletes on their rehabilitation programs, as well as offer general strength and conditioning support to athletes. 
  • Q. I’ve never played a particular sport, what should I do? Are there tryouts?

    We encourage students to try something new and give it a shot. Many sports have tryouts for the varsity team, but our numbers generally allow a spot for all who are interested at the sub-varsity levels.

    Competitive team sports are an important part of the Cheshire Academy experience and teach life skills like teamwork, good sportsmanship, and commitment. It doesn’t matter how good you are at a sport, or if you’re a new player, all that matters is that you show up for your teammates and give the game your all!
  • Q. I heard all of your uniforms are Under Armour, is that correct?

    We have entered into an All School Agreement with Under Armour to outfit all of our Varsity teams in Under Armour uniforms. As of the 2015-2016 school year, all Varsity programs wear Under Armour. We also offer plenty of Under Armour products in our School Store.
  • Q. What equipment is provided?

    The equipment that is issued for each sport varies, but all teams are issued uniforms at the beginning of each season. Our equipment manager takes care of washing all uniforms in between games.

Athletics Office

List of 8 members.

  • David  Dykeman 

    Associate Head of School for Community Life and Athletics
    Phone: 203-439-7447
    College of the Holy Cross - BA
    SUNY at Albany - MEd
  • Edward Banach 

    Director of Athletics
    Phone: 203-439-7242
    Univ. of Mass. Lowell - MEd
    Saint Anselm College - BA
  • Jennifer Tirillo 

    Head Athletic Trainer; Science Teacher
    Phone: 203-439-7249
    Springfield College - BS
    Lasell College - MS
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  • Shelby Pocius 

    Athletic Trainer
    Springfield College - BS
    California University - MS
  • Jerold Shanok 

    Athletic Equipment Manager
    Phone: 203-439-7130
    Southern CT State Univ. - Bachelor of Science
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  • Rich Ferraro 

    Director of Summer Program, External Affairs & Facilities Utilization Officer
    Phone: 203-439-7304
    Nichols College - BSBA
    Cheshire Academy
  • Kevin Agostini 

    Athletic Trainer
    Springfield College - BS
  • Kristin Ornato-Giano 

    Assistant Director of Athletics
    Phone: 203-439-7445


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MAIN FAX: 203-250-7209
ADMISSION OFFICE: 203-439-7250
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ATHLETICS OFFICE: 203-439-7242 

About Cheshire Academy

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  • The Student-Centered Private School in Connecticut.

    Cheshire Academy is a boarding school in Connecticut that challenges students in grades 9-12 and Post Grad to discover and hone their unique talents. This college preparatory school offers personalized learning opportunities like the Roxbury Academic Support Program and the IB Program. Artists can benefit from the Art Major program, while high school athletes can benefit from competitive athletics. Overall, students at the private school are encouraged to become culturally sensitive and internationally minded, and develop the critical thinking skills, confidence, and character that enable them to succeed in college and as citizens of a global society. 
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